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The Forsyth County School system has been leading the area with educational innovation for a long time. The school system has embraced technology and allows students to (BYOT) bring-your-own-technology to school. They were the first school system in the area to use interactive white boards and offer online or distance learning classes as well.

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Home buyers relocating to the area often search out specific Forsyth County High Schools because of their high SAT scores or course offerings. If you’re moving to the area, click on the following link to search for homes for sale by Forsyth County High School District.


Whether it’s the list of North Fulton AP Merit Schools, top ranking SAT scores or stellar sports programs, North Fulton County consistently has the highest ranked High Schools and sought-after school programs in the area.

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Home buyers searching homes for sale in North Fulton can click on the following link to search properties for sale by North Fulton High School District.